Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Telluride Leaf Peeping

Fall in Telluride can mean many things. Rain. Snow. Or both with some mud thrown on top. But last weekend was grace. The leaves on the aspens had just turned to gold, and the weather hovered right around 75°.

Salon’s recent story on leaf peeping should include Telluride next time round. Our display of colors—the fire reds, the cinnamon oranges, the Tuscan yellows-- has been outstanding this year.

Our friends Ellie and Jim had the good luck of picking last weekend to get married. Everyone stood outside with the sun shining on the backs, glancing around at the local peaks, and drinking Colorado Boy beer.

Andy and I still hadn’t had enough of being outside and so took the girls biking the next day. Weekends like this are fleeting. Case in point: it’s pouring great waterfalls of rain outside today. Summer is rushing away as quickly as it came. Glad we got outside last weekend.

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